A Bathroom Can Be Accessorised.


A bathroom can be decorated to perfection. Remember that your needs to look beautiful so the bathroom is also part of your home and it needs to be clean and look nice. Just as much as you like putting accessories in your bedroom, kitchen and lounge you can also put lovely accessories in your bathroom to make it look exquisite and unique.

Types of bathroom fittings

Some people prefer a simple bathroom and some people like a more vintage bathroom but each bathroom no matter how big or small it is needs to have accessories to put the soap and towels on.

A bathroom needs:

These are the most bathroom fittings that you need for your bathroom but they do come in different designs some are vintage and some are modern. Each bathroom fitting makes the bathrooms look unique and beautiful. If you prefer a simpler looking bathroom then there are bathroom fittings that are simple but they are still appealing to the eye. Taps are also important you cannot have a bathroom that does not have taps it does not make any sense I mean how are you going to wash your hands, take a long hot bath and shower. Taps also have beautiful and unique designs that have been invented they also bring a modern feel to the bathroom and the new designs are impressive.

Different bathroom taps

Throughout the years bathroom taps have improved remarkably. Here are the new tap designs that are commonly used:

·         Bath shower mixer

·         Wall mounted

·         Waterfall

·         Pillar

·         Contemporary basin taps

·         Contemporary bath taps

·         Traditional bath taps

·         Traditional basin taps

·         Space

·         Swing

·         Contour

·         Edge

·         OpenWater


Each and every one of these taps provides water but they are all designed in a way to supply water differently. Some are positioned in one place and some can move around. They all have access to hot and cold water and they can fit in any bathroom design. The more unique they are then the more expensive they can get but that does not mean that you cannot find a unique bathroom tap at a reasonable price. If you do proper research then you can find bathroom taps that are more affordable and that are appealing to the eye.

KR Landro

KR Landro manufactures bathroom fittings that are affordable and that are appealing to the eye.


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