We have moved 2020

We are very excited to invite you to our new premises. Same building complex, just bigger and better.

Come and see for yourself.

We reopen on the 6th of January 2020.

We looking forward to seeing you then.

Reasons why business signs work

Reasons why business signs work Most businesses whether it is small or big need signs that act like a guide post to guide clients and customers to the business place and to attract the attention of the new customer and to get them interested in whatever you are selling or for the client to not… Continue Reading

The purpose of door handles

The purpose of door handles Choosing the right door handle should n ot be difficult because you have a variety to choose from and they come in different designs that are appealing to the eye. We all know that no one wants to enter through a door which is inconvenient to open. This needs to… Continue Reading

Advantages of Brass Doors and Brass Door Handles

  Doors are very useful and helpful and a house without any doors does notlook complete. There are different styles and designs that are created to perfection and to ensure that the door is big enough to fit the door frame. The most commonly used material for doors is wood and wooden doors are generally… Continue Reading

Protected In Style

We all know the importance of staying in a safe home and to make sure that all the windows closed and all the doors are locked. There are different ways to secure your home and there are door locks that are designed for extra security and they are strong. A door should have locks that… Continue Reading

The Difference Between Dead Locks and Sash Locks.

The difference between dead locks and sash locks It is a fact that doors are often a thieves favourite entry and exit point of a house. It is vital that your home has good quality locks on all the doors. Windows should also be fitted with locks to keep your homes contents, 100% safe. There… Continue Reading

The Function of Panic Bolts on Emergency Exits

The function of panic bolt doors Workplace fires can happen pretty quickly and there has to be safety signs that can help workers escape. The directions to the exit doors need to be clearly marked as well as the actual door. Even if you know where the door is, you be trapped by it if… Continue Reading

The Importance of Locks

For centuries locks have been part of our lives we all want to keep our belonging save and our homes too. Door locks are used for security and protection. No one wants to live in a house that does not have a door and locks. It is important to have door locks so that we… Continue Reading

A Bathroom Can Be Accessorised.

A bathroom can be decorated to perfection. Remember that your needs to look beautiful so the bathroom is also part of your home and it needs to be clean and look nice. Just as much as you like putting accessories in your bedroom, kitchen and lounge you can also put lovely accessories in your bathroom… Continue Reading

We Have Moved!

We Have Moved!

As a business aiming to ensure that our customers are pleased and happy with our services, we cannot skip some important information regarding our current location.   As most of you know, we were previously situated at: 365 Ontdekkers Road, Roodepoort   This was where we marveled and grew into a business that many people… Continue Reading

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