The Difference Between Dead Locks and Sash Locks.

Thdifference between dead locks and sash lockse difference between dead locks and sash locks

It is a fact that doors are often a thieves favourite entry and exit point of a house. It is vital that your home has good quality locks on all the doors. Windows should also be fitted with locks to keep your homes contents, 100% safe.

There is a huge variety of locks available to you and the best choice for your home will depend on the material that the door is made from and also the level of security you want to achieve.

Dead Locks

Thieves will move on to another house if they determine that you have installed dead locks on the doors of your house, they want an easier target.

If the doors of your home are fitted with a simple lock that locks when you slam the door, your home is a pretty easy target and thieves can gain access easily. It is a good idea that you install a dead lock for added security and peace of mind.

A dead lock is opened by using only a key. It also requires a handle to be present to open the door. If you have a simple round door handle that has a built in locking mechanism, thieves can break a nearby window, reach around to the handle and unlock the door. If you are using a dead lock, they can reach around but the door will not unlock because it requires a key to unlock it.

Before lashing out some cash on a dead lock, ensure that the door is thick enough and also strong enough to support the lock and that the lock complies with safety and security standards. You will find the perfect lock for you at KRLandro.


Sash Lock

A sash lock will use a lock as well as a handle. This means you can open and close the door without the use of a key and you can simply lock it with the key when you go out. There are different security levels of sash locks with the first one being a 3-lever lock, which is mid-level security. If you are looking for something more secure, you will want to look at a 5-lever lock, which is for high levels of security. You could use 3-lever locks on the inside doors and 5-lever locks on the outside doors.

KR Landro supply a wide range of dead locks and sash locks that are fit to secure any door. Keep your family and your belongings safe with one or more of our high quality, high security locks.

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