The Function of Panic Bolts on Emergency Exits

panic bolts on emergency exits

The function of panic bolt doors

Workplace fires can happen pretty quickly and there has to be safety signs that can help workers escape. The directions to the exit doors need to be clearly marked as well as the actual door. Even if you know where the door is, you be trapped by it if it doesn’t open. Also, employees can cut themselves in a panic while trying to “break glass during an emergency”.

Because of the above, fire escape doors should be fitted with panic bolts that do not require any glass breaking and that will allow the door to open effortlessly. Once the panic bolts have been installed, they will provide an extra benefit of theft deterrent. It also provides a means for people to exit a building safely in an emergency. Panic bolts are pressure release bolts and they are installed on all kinds of doors but they are especially installed on emergency doors. You can find them on the doors of malls, theatres, concert halls, anywhere where they will have big crowds inside.

These days, many public buildings, offices and even small companies have to have this device in place. Panic bolts will allow quick and safe exit of people from a building while at the same time, it can stop people from coming in. Most panic bolts come with a 10-year warranty and they normally outlast their warranty. One bolt goes into the frame of the door and one goes into the floor.

You can use panic bolts on almost any door such as rebated and non-rebated double doors and single doors. The bolts are coated with a silver coating which makes them extremely resistant to rust and it makes them long lasting. Panic bolts require there to be 2 independent locks for added safety. The property as well as the workers need to be protected in any emergency. It is a good idea to install panic bolts on all of your emergency exits.

In conclusion, incorporating panic bolts into your emergency exits will allow anyone to quickly and easily exit your building during an emergency and they are extremely good to prevent unwanted guests from getting in. Having panic bolts installed in your fire exits is just as important as having fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire alarms and fire-fighting sprinkler systems.

At Landro, we offer both double and single panic bolts. Install panic bolts in your office today in order to increase the safety standards of your building as well as better protect your employees in the case of a fire or emergency.

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