Manual Door Closers

KRLandroManual door closers are the most convenient and they are ubiquitous. For years now people have been getting injuries while they are closing the door. Slamming your finger or hand against the door is very painful and having a manual door closer makes it is and stress-free. Most manual door closers are commonly used for office doors and public bathroom doors. You do not have to stress about closing the door behind you by making sure that the handle is has closed the door properly. Manual door closers will do the work for you and the door will be closed properly.

Manual door closers

A manual door closer is as simple as a spring on an old screen door. A cannon ball weight is used on a door or a more sophisticated modern day device electronically. In general, a manual door closer is designed to assist a person to close the door smoothly and effectively without having to struggle. Some doors are heavy and by having a manual door closer makes it easy for the door to close by itself. Manual door closers are also good for households especially when you are raising kids. Children have the tendency of locking themselves in the closets and rooms without you even noticing. By having manual door closers in your household doors it will be easier for your kids especially for the young ones who are not tall enough to reach the handles.

Having a manual door closer does not mean that you’re the door does not have handles and key holes. You can still lock your doors for protection, manual door closers are for the convenience of opening and closing the door without having to struggle. Upon reaching the maximum set opening of the door the manual door closer takes full control dampening the opening forces which quietly and gently closes the door until the door is back on the frame.

There are different price ranges and quality levels of manual door closers that are being manufactured by different companies. When buying a manual door closer you need to make sure that they are of good quality and they have a good guarantee. Hotels, hospital and shopping malls use heavy manual door closers that are properly installed for safety purposes. You can get manual door handles for your home because they come in different sizes and they are affordable.

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