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We all know the importance of staying in a safe home and to make sure that all the windows closed and all the doors are locked. There are different ways to secure your home and there are door locks that are designed for extra security and they are strong. A door should have locks that will ensure that there are no easy break-ins into your home.

Type of door locks

Each door needs to have handles and door lock that are safe and strong. One should not buy door locks every month. Here are the different and unique available door locks:

  • Entry lockset

  • Deadbolt lock

  • Privacy lock

  • Mortise lock

These are some of the door locks that are commonly used and they are safe. Entry locks are used mostly for front doors and they do not overwhelm the door with unattractive locks. The entry lockset lock from both the inside and outside and they have a dead latch.

Deadbolt locks are known to provide maximum security. The deadbolt lock locks to the door frame which makes it difficult to open. There are no springs to operate the lock and they come in many sizes and they are specifically made to fit directly into the door.

Privacy locks are made for privacy and not for security purposes. Privacy locks are commonly used for bathroom doors and they give the door a sleeker and less crowded look. The privacy lock has a button that allows you to lock to lock the door from the inside. The lock from the outside can be opened by inserting a narrow object into a small hole that is found on the door.

Mortise Locks are similar to deadbolts and they have flat boxes that fit into the recess of your door. Mortise locks come in different and multiple sizes and they are perfectly created to fit your door. It also has a right and left handed side which is similar to the entry of the entry lockset and the knob of the door.

KR Landro

KR Landro manufactures the safest and unique door locks that are affordable and that are not easy to break.

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