The Importance of Locks


For centuries locks have been part of our lives we all want to keep our belonging save and our homes too. Door locks are used for security and protection. No one wants to live in a house that does not have a door and locks. It is important to have door locks so that we feel secure in our homes.




The different door locks

The amount of available locks is overwhelming because there are so many choose from. When are you looking at purchasing a lock for your home or business you need to buy locks that are strong and reliable. Here is a list of the commonly used locks in household and businesses:


·         Padlocks

·         Deadbolts

·         Knob Locks

·         Lever Handle Locks

·         Cam Locks

·         Rim/Mortise Locks

·         Euro Profile Cylinders

·         Wall Mounted Locks

·         Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders

·         Furniture Locks

·         Vending/T-Handle Locks

·         Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

·         Rim Latch Locks

All these locks are designed in a unique way and all work differently. Some of these locks are also used on different doors they all have a key that is designed for a specific door.

Digital door locks

Now that technology is so advanced for unique door locks are being invented. Digital door locks are easy to install and they are a solution for buildings that require reliable means of access. Electronic door locks are commonly used in schools, buildings and hospitals for extra security. Digital locks have their own benefits. Digital door locks are quick and easy to fit as they are completely self-contained, they do not require additional hardware and they are ideally suited for small budget systems. Digital door locks can be reprogrammed at any time so they are convenient to use.

Door locks buying guide

It is important to know which door locks to buy. You need to buy door locks that will protect your belongings and that do not break easy. There is a wide variety of door locks that you can purchase and they are all unique and they come in different shapes and sizes. The two main categories of door locks are rim locks and mortise locks, and they each provide varying levels of security.Latch locks are commonly found on many doors throughout the house, and they are ideal for basic locking needs. All these locks come with different keys they might lock the same buy they all work differently and they unlock only one door or lock.

KR Landro

KR Landro is a door lock manufacturing company that is based in Honeydew Johannesburg. For the most reliable and strong key locks look no feather because KR Landro is where you should buy your door locks for your safety and to secure your precious belongings.

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