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KRLandro1Windows have been existing for years now and more and different designs are being made. Window fittings are created to be able to close the windows for protection and to keep the window stable and tight. Window fittings also come in different shapes and sizes and they work on any window design.


Type of window fittings

Window fittings which are also known as hinges are a simple yet an important piece of technology. Window fittings have changed with time because of the different windows that have been made such as aluminium windows. The window fittings that are being used on aluminium windows are made of plastic or steel. Window fittings are also created for protection. With the current crime stats, it is important that we keep our windows closed whenever we leave our premises. Although we have to open our windows for fresh air but it is also important to make sure that all the windows are closed when you leave your home because an open window gives criminals an easy access to enter your home.

Here are the different window fittings that are commonly used:

  • Casement fastener & hook
  • Casement fastener & wedge
  • Fanlight catch and keep
  • Friction hinge
  • Hooks
  • Morticle plate
  • Rolter stay
  • Sash fastener
  • Sliding stays outward opener
  • Spring catch box
  • Spring catch
  • Telescopic stays

This window fittings are created to hold the window together, a window cannot function properly without hooks and springs. A window needs to have movement and flexibility. When the window is open the hooks need to be screwed properly so that the wind does not break in case of window or rain. If a window is not screwed tight enough then it can lose balance and break. Although a window may be strong but when opening the window you need to make sure that the hooks are functioning properly. A building video does not function like a vehicle window. A building works manually unlike some car windows that can function manually or by pressing a button to control the function of the window. Building windows need to be open properly and the hooks need to be strong enough to protect the window from breaking when there is a strong wind. Fo good and strong window fitting you need to find a window fitting manufacturer that makes reliable and strong window fittings.

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